Indianapolis flight to New York emergency landing deemed ‘misunderstanding’


QUEENS, New York — A passenger who prompted a plane’s emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport has been deemed a “misunderstanding” by Port Authority Police.

Passengers aboard the flight reported “suspicious behavior” of another passenger. This then triggered the pilot to call for an emergency landing.

Panic immediately set in on the plane. Once the passengers were able to de-plane, people started running in every which direction, pushing and yelling. Some were even bloodied.

A man on the flight told Eyewitness News, “Some guy apparently may have had a bomb on him. It was suspicion of a bomb and then everyone was just shoving, and pushing, jumping out of the airplane. They launched a slide. People were falling off the slide left and right. They were bleeding. It was crazy.”

Authorities have determined there is no criminality.

There have been no reported significant injuries to passengers or to crew members.

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