INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Fire Department presented its 2024 budget before the Indianapolis City-County Council Wednesday evening.

IFD’s proposed budget is worth a total of $255,012,408 and can be broken down into four different categories.

The first category is the largest and that is the Fire General fund, coming in at $206.4 million. The second-highest total that was requested is for the department’s pension fund, which is worth $27.6 million.

Third on the list is the department’s Federal Grants category with a total of $15.6 million. The final category in IFD’s 2024 budget is the Fire Maintenance fund at $5.2 million.

IFD is seeking an increase in its General Fire fund to finance contract escalators for building materials and PPE items such as masks and gloves. The fund will also help pay for expenses related to the hiring of 70 new recruits and a new civilian position.

The proposal goes on to state that monies from the Fire General Fund will also help pay for IT software upgrades and behavioral health services.

The proposal indicates that around $1.4 million from the Fire General fund, if approved, will aid the department with vehicle leasing as part of its apparatus purchase plan.

A significant portion of the grant funding will be allocated toward Indiana Task Force 1 and the Special Ops training award grants. The funds will also go towards financing the department’s pending grants aimed at safety education and hazmat meters.

Wednesday night’s City-County Council meeting follows Mayor Joe Hogett’s proposed $1.6 spending plan that was presented last month. This budget was around $200 million higher compared to the 2023 budget.

The plan centered heavily on public safety agencies within Marion County, with IFD receiving a budget appropriation of $255 million as part of the plan.

IMPD also presented its 2024 budget during Wednesday’s City-County Council meeting. The police department’s proposed budget represents the single largest proposed appropriation in Hogsett’s spending plan at $324 million.

IFD’s full 2024 budget proposal can be viewed online here.