Indianapolis family caught in crossfire, misses bullets shot into home


INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis family is living in fear after being caught up in the crossfire of a dispute on Indy’s east side.

The victims apartment near 38th and Post was shot numerous times late last week.

The second a gunshot shattered her window, Shirley Lee and her sister hit the floor.

“I got down. I told her to get down and I crawled in the kitchen thinking it was going to stop, but it kept coming,” said Shirley.

At least a dozen bullets tore holes in the drywall of family’s apartment last week.

“I was scared. I was real scared because I didn’t know if they were going to stop or not,” said Shirley.  “When they got through it was full of dust in here. It was all white.”

Shirley, her sister and friend narrowly escaped being hit.

They believe the intended target was someone who lives in the building who’s suspected of taking part in a different shooting and because so much violence goes unsolved, retaliation can put innocent people’s lives at risk.

“The bullets don’t have eyes. We could have lost our lives,” said Shirley. “You’re secure at your house. I want to be secure at mine.”

IMPD doesn’t track the exact number of homes damaged by gunfire across the city, but a search of police reports shows at least a half dozen similar cases over the last five days since Shirley’s home was damaged.

Shirley wishes her apartment complex would add security, but she doesn’t blame city leaders or the police for the violence. She insists parents need to be accountable and watch over their kids.

“I’m really scared and concerned because the parents I know you know your kids got something,” said Shirley. “You don’t have to turn your kids in, but turn the weapons in. You know it starts with us, with the parents.”

Because no arrests have been made in the case, anyone with information can still contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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