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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. —  An Indianapolis day care owner said she wants to make her location safer but she says a nearby apartment complex isn’t making it easy.

Angels of Hope Day care is expected to open next week near 21st Street and Emerson Avenue. Owner Keyana Williams said she is asking Emerson Place Apartments for a simple fix.

“This is the fence that’s cut right here, and it’s just basically rolled all the way back,” said Williams.

Williams said a broken fence between Emerson Place Apartments and Angels of Hope Daycare was an ideal place for crime.

“We have found needles, we have found baggies looks like drugs were in the baggies and just different things of that nature,” said Williams.

Williams said not only do her security cameras pick up people trespassing and littering on her property coming from Emerson Place Apartments, the footage shows a man stealing from her and using the broken gate as a dark getaway. The man stole part of another fence on her property that she built to keep kids inside a play area.

“And I had to pay $1,700  to get the fence put up so I’m spending an additional $400  to repair the fence,” said Williams.

She said police are looking into it but say any fence repairs would be a civil matter.

Emerson Place Apartments is owned by the Millennia Companies.

Marketing Technologist Valerie Jerome sent us the following statement on behalf of the property management company:

“Regarding the gate, we are currently in the process of seeking bids and engaging a contractor to evaluate the damage and make repairs in the coming weeks. We encourage anyone who has concerns about vandalism in the area to contact the Indianapolis Police Department.”

Williams said the company never told her it was going to repair the fence.

“My main concern is the children’s safety,” said Williams.

She said she would like to see Emerson Place join her in trying to curb crime from happening in the hidden alley between her business and the apartments. She set up cameras to help.

“My goal was to come over here to Emerson and basically try to help clean the area up,” said Williams.

She said she decided on this location because she knew there was a need for affordable childcare within walking distance.

“I’m not trying to bring anything other than positive energy to this area,” said Williams.

In the meantime, Williams said she will keep the board and dumpster there to block the broken fence to try to stop unwanted guests from trespassing through the dark, secluded area. She said she will leave it there until the fence is repaired or the law makes her remove the items.