Indianapolis city leaders participate in public safety walk amid rising homicides


INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis city leaders at the forefront of making the city safer were out walking the streets Wednesday night.

Mayor Joe Hogsett, police chief Randal Taylor, and the director of community violence reduction Shonna Majors led a public safety walk on the northeast side, meeting with children and families who live in the area. It started at  38th and post road.

The public safety walk comes as the number of homicides is on the rise in Indianapolis, surpassing where we were at this time in 2019.

Leaders say it’s a concerning trend, that they’re doing everything they can to prevent.

“We are not immune, there is a number of larger cities that are dealing with a rise in both homicides and [non-fatal shootngs]. Unfortunately, we are no different. What we are trying to figure out is why, why those things are happening. In the past, we can look at the drug trade and point at least some of that but that’s not the whole story right now. We have people that are killing each other over parking spaces and over things that are put out on social media and that kind of stuff and that’s where I’m optimistic that Shonna and her group will be able to make those inroads to try to help people figure out exactly why they feel the need to pull the trigger to solve the problem.

IMPD chief Randal Taylor

The public safety walks were started in 2017 to bridge the gap between officers, and those they serve.

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