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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A central Indiana veteran with a special needs child is getting the thrill of a lifetime, and it’s all thanks to some youth hockey teams.

On Saturday, Steve Scroghan learned he’ll finally get to give his daughter the gift she’s been asking for.

“Still trying to process it,” said Scroghan. “It’s an honor.”

The retired Army veteran and his family received the honor Saturday after some local hockey teams teamed up to raise money for the charity Wish For Our Heroes.

“It was really cool. You get to be a part of something that makes somebody so happy,” said Erich Orrick, the president of Wish For Our Heroes.

Scroghan said his daughter, who has special needs, has been wanting to visit Disney World for a long time, but tight finances made it tough.

“And this is going to be, I think, the thing that gets us over the hump to go do it,” said Scroghan.

Saturday’s Hockey for Heroes event brought together local teams to raise money for the Wish For Our Heroes organization. Typically, the charity helps vets dealing with financial emergencies, like power that has been shut off or a broken down car.

“It’s something we believe in as a coaching staff,” said hockey coach Isaac Coy, “is paying it forward and giving back.”

And organizers said when they first told Scroghan about what his family was getting, his first thought was of someone in greater need.

“When we asked them if we could help them make one of their dreams come true, they kind of denied it at first saying there’s somebody better off,” said Orrick.

But now, they’ll soon be off to Disney, with happy and thankful hearts.

“For them to be recognizing the veterans means a lot,” said Scroghan.