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NEW CASTLE, Ind. – Terry Cory served 31 years in the Army, Navy and Air Force, but the New Castle veteran’s latest mission tasked him with keeping a big secret from his family.

Terry was a contestant on the CBS game show The Price Is Right on Sept. 4. He and his wife, Georjean, are big fans of the show and watch daily. He went California to visit his sister and decided to sit in on a taping. As it turned out, he made it to Contestant’s Row, played one of the pricing games and won a car!

He didn’t tell his family—not even his wife of 47 years—he made it onto the show. In fact, he told them, much to their disappointment, that he wasn’t chosen as a contestant despite attending two show tapings. He certainly didn’t tell them he won a trip to Monterrey, California, and a Ford Focus!

You can’t blame him. Contestants on The Price Is Right can lose their winnings if they tell anyone what happened during the episode.

Terry’s episode finally aired Oct. 29 on CBS4, so it came as a shock to his family when he was selected as a contestant and won. He’d previously told them they should watch because “maybe” they’d see him in the audience.

One of Terry’s daughters was visiting from California and watched at home with her mom; the other daughter set her DVR to record the episode in case she caught a glimpse of her father. She watched it during her lunch break.

“As soon as my dad got called down, I freaked out, stopped it and hit rewind and pause. My husband was coming home for lunch shortly and I just couldn’t watch this excitement by myself,” Jamie Cory-Smith told CBS4.

“Not only is this a cool story because a small town Indiana man (from New Castle) got on The Price is Right and won, but he served 31 years in three different branches for our country!”

She couldn’t believe her father managed to keep the secret for so long and immediately called him after watching the episode.

“He is truly the nicest most giving, humble human being you will ever meet. He puts everyone before him and doesn’t hesitate to help a stranger. My sister, my mother and I are just so happy that something wonderful happened for him!”

Terry played a tense game of “Any Number” to win the car—and it went down to the wire. During the episode, you can see him clasping his hands in front of his face as he tries to guess the right numbers. Once he wins, he goes to his knees to gather his composure and then shakes hands with host Drew Carey before checking out his new ride.

Since he played a pricing game, Terry got to spin the wheel during the “Showcase Showdown,” but he didn’t make it past that.

Still, a trip and a new car are nothing to sneeze at! He’s paid the taxes on the car and his family said a local dealership will contact him so he can pick out a color and get his new ride.

As for standing out from the crowd, Terry wore a bright green shirt that said “I ‘Drew’ the Lucky Number” and had his military branch insignias (Army, Navy and Air Force) on the back. It worked—only nine contestants are chosen from an audience of about 300 people.

You can watch the episode on CBS’ website. Terry appears around 19:20 into the program.