Indiana University announces plan for student move-in


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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — IU Bloomington officials have announced what move-in day will look like for students this fall.

The university plans multiple days for move-in. It is staggering groups of students so that number of students moving in stays below 1,500 at any given time. 

The first group can drop off their things on August 9, and it will continue until August 20th. Students get to pick which day and time they want to move in, but they have to wear a mask and only two people can help them.

“We’re really in this together to protect each other and to keep each other safe and to ensure that we can do the school year in the way that we would like to,” Chuck Carney a spokesperson for Indiana University said.

The university will aslo have some employees monitoring move-in to make sure people keep their space and don’t crowd together.

When students arrive on campus, all of them will be tested for COVID-19. If they test positive, they will either have to head home, or stay in a quarantine space on campus.

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