Indiana trooper discusses how he helped save man’s life during high-speed traffic stop

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. – A trooper with Indiana State Police is being praised for helping save a man’s life following a high-speed traffic stop.

The car’s passenger had been critically injured in an accident when trooper Ron Huff stepped in to administer first aid. Trooper Huff spoke about the case publicly for the first time Thursday.

The incident took place last week when the victim was working on renovations to the inside of a long vacant school building near Elwood. Two men were moving a large mirror, which broke and sliced the victim’s neck.

“I really went into shock. I’ve never seen anything like that. I could see inside his neck,” said Alphonso Bailey.

In a panic, Bailey and the victim jumped in the victim’s car and sped down State Road 37 at 105 miles per hour, quickly passing trooper Huff.

“I activated my emergency lights and stopped the vehicle and when I did the driver exited the vehicle and came toward me and said, ‘He’s dying, he’s dying,’” said Huff.

While on the side of the highway, trooper Huff saw Alphonso’s passenger with a large gash on his neck and quickly grabbed his small state-issued first aid kit.

“He looked inside the car and this guy jumped into Superman mode. He went back to his car and got his bag out,” said Bailey.

“Once I got back to the car I used some combat gauze, which has a clotting agent in it, and packed it into the open wound,” said Huff.

“He was explaining to us what he was doing. He was making a clot to stop the blood and he went so deep in his neck, I was getting weak again watching it,” said Bailey.

Using gauze from his trauma kit, trooper Huff stabilized the victim until Elwood fire crews could arrive.

In Indiana, every state trooper receives yearly training in tactical first aid and is issued trauma kits.

“Thank you for being there. It was like God sent an angel. I keep saying God sent an angel that day and he was my angel. Just an awesome guy,” said Bailey.

Despite Alphonso’s praise, trooper Huff says he was just following his training.

“We train for this and it really kicked in. It was a scenario I had seen in my mind and played through before,” said Huff.

The victim in the case wished to remain anonymous, but thanks to trooper Huff, he was treated and released from the hospital hours after the injury.  The man later called Trooper Huff to thank him for his quick actions.

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