Indiana struggles to shed pounds as other states lower obesity rates

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – For the first time in a decade, some states like Ohio are seeing a decrease in obesity rates while Indiana’s rate hasn’t changed, according to a new study.

Trust for America’s Health ranks Indiana 15th in adult obesity with a 31.3 percent obesity rate.

While it’s just one study, the question is why Hoosiers aren’t losing weight?

“I think there’s a general lack of education,” said Dr. Ashley Gilmore.

Dr. Gilmore runs the Bariatric Medical Weight Loss Program at IU Health. While there are a lot of factors contributing  to obesity, Dr. Gilmore tells us her patients to start with food.

“Typically I review with my patients what they eat on a daily basis,” she explained. “We don’t realize how much we’re eating or that what we put in is actually not healthy.”

Dr. Gilmore suggests a diet mostly made up of lean meats and vegetables. And don’t forget your exercise, just don’t depend on it either.

“Everyone needs to do daily activity and that will not change, but you can’t out exercise a bad diet,” she added.

A bad diet doesn’t just add pounds, it adds to your likelihood of getting diabetes or a cardiovascular disease.

“Go to your doctor and make it a family trip, because changes at home are most important and that support at home is very important.”

For a look at where every state ranks, click here.

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