BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — One of the most dedicated members of the Indiana State Police force is retiring.

Loki, a police K9 that responded to 883 calls in his eight years of service for ISP, has officially retired. During his career, he assisted with the seizure of 155 guns and $181,000 in U.S. currency.

Loki and his partner, Senior Trooper Richard R. Klun, were involved in 450 drug searches.

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ISP reported that the duo seized approximately 12 pounds of methamphetamine, 185 pounds of marijuana, 19 pounds of heroin and one pound cocaine.

Loki’s work helped ISP make 412 criminal arrests. He and Klun assisted other agencies on 146 occasions and were involved in 202 warrant services and 50 building searches.

Senior Trooper Klun and Loki are directly responsible for locating 27 criminals and 10 apprehensions, per an ISP release sent Tuesday.

In September 2022, Loki assisted in the capture of then-37-year-old Eli Swartzentruber, who was found in the City of Bloomington’s sewer system with rifle cartridges, a machete and a hand scythe in his possession.

Loki and Klun also apprehended then-27-year-old Timothy Johnson in January 2019. Loki found Johnson hiding near a fenced-in area east of State Route 46 and Arlington Road.

At the time, Johnson was evading police because he had multiple warrants out for his arrest. Johnson initially did not reveal himself after verbal commands from police, so Loki was deployed to help take him into custody.

ISP has indicated that Loki will remain with Klun and his family during retirement.