Indiana State Department of Health says flu activity “high” as 7 people die with flu virus


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – After seven people reportedly died from the influenza virus this season, the Indiana State Department of Health said we are seeing high levels of flu activity right now.

“A lot of influenza cases right now are Influenza B,” Shawn Pence said. “That is a little unusual to see this much activity of Influenza B at the very beginning of the season. We do generally see this at the end of the season.”

Pence is the outbreak supervisor for the state department of health. She said it is difficult to determine the severity of a season based on the number of deaths.

“Influenza season is really unpredictable as to what it’s going to do, Pence said. “Sometimes you see a lot of front-loaded deaths at the very beginning and then it kind of phases out. ”

Pence said it is critical to take care of yourself right now.

“Influenza is serious,” Pence said. “It is not something to be taken lightly, to get your flu shot, to cover your coughs, to stay home when you’re sick, and to wash your hands as often as possible, that would be the main take home. It is serious and there are ways that you can protect yourself and everyone else around you.”

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