Indiana school districts interested in bullet resistant glass to protect students

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GAS CITY, Ind. – School districts in Indiana are thinking about buying bullet resistant glass to keep students safe. They went to a demonstration at In Laws & Outlaws Gun Shop in Gas City on Friday. It was held by a company called Ballistiglass, which is based out of Parkland, Florida.

The Superintendent of Jay County Schools, Jeremy Gulley, fired his handgun several times at the glass. The product is only about an inch thick and costs about $150 per square foot to buy and install.

The front was shattered but it was smooth in the back. That is what Gulley wanted to see.

“Our kids are vital to us and we are going to do everything that is necessary to protect them,” he said.

An assistant principal tried an AR-15. He fired seven rounds. Glass blew back roughly 20 feet towards the shooter but even with an AR-15, no bullets went through.

The inventor of the product, John Mehew, was visiting from Parkland, Florida where 17 people died after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Ballistiglass wants to prevent that from happening again.

“We went straight to our kids’ school because they were in the elementary school, thank goodness, and we said we are going to armor your school,” said Mehew.

Now, districts in the Hoosier State are considering arming their schools with it.

“The thing that impressed me honestly was the blow back from that glass because I think that deters that individual who might be the assailant with a weapon,” said Scott Shimer, principal of Blackford High School.

After the demonstration, Shimer said he will take this information back to his school board. Gulley with Jay County Schools said his district is very interested in buying the product.

Ballistiglass said seven schools across the country have this bullet resistant glass, including Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

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