Indiana post offices handling thousands of absentee ballots

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INDIANAPOLIS — The U.S. Postal Service says workers in Indiana are handling thousands of voter absentee ballots. Indiana’s Board of Elections is working closely with post offices to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Christi Johnson-Kennedy, Acting District Manager of the Greater Indiana District for the U.S. Postal Service said they are confident in their ability to move the ballots across the country.

“We’re ready. We’re up for the challenge. We’re excited about it,” Johnson-Kennedy said. “Every employee at every level of the organization is fully engaged, and we take a lot of pride in playing a role in this year’s election as we do in every election.”

Johnson-Kennedy said if every voter in America voted by mail, it would be less than what they handle every Christmas.

“The reality is, if every voter in America voted by mail, it would only equivocate to about three fourths of our overall volume in a day,” Johnson-Kennedy said.

Starting Monday, USPS is putting in extra time to collect all the ballots. The post office also has ballot monitors and a task force making sure everything is handled correctly.

Executives still advise sending your ballot as soon as possible. Johnson-Kennedy said it usually takes 2-3 days to get something within the city. She said the service is using an express mail network to make sure votes get in. Anything related to the election is being given special treatment and priority.

“Extra trips, extra collections, whatever it takes to make sure that we get every voters’ ballot home, we’re taking those necessary steps.”

Johnson-Kennedy said while they are not sure what happened that caused people’s absentee ballots to be delayed, there is an ongoing investigation. She hopes people have confidence that the postal service can handle the election.

“It is hurtful when we see that people do not have the confidence in us, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that the citizens know, it’s okay. Have confidence. Your mail-in ballot is safe with us,” Johnson-Kennedy said.

The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot was Thursday. The ballots must be returned by November 3. In Marion County, the ballots can be returned to the election office inside the City-County building or at an east-side office located at 3737 East Washington Street.

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