Indiana physicians concerned about coronavirus spread after Dr. Fauci warning


INDIANAPOLIS — The United States top infectious disease specialist Dr. Fauci recently warned Hoosiers that Indiana is on the verge of seeing a huge COVID-19 outbreak. 

“We’ve seen these outbreaks start to show up in other states and the recent numbers from state health department show the numbers are rising,” said Fauci. 

Since the beginning of July, the Indiana State Department of Health has seen a slow rise in the 7-day average positivity rate. 

The good news, according to Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Cole Beeler, is the number of deaths remain low. 

“We might be getting better at treating this and we are learning a lot more every single day,” IU Health’s Medical Director of Infection Prevention Dr. Cole Beeler explained.

Members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force said Indiana is on the verge of another outbreak if we don’t get a handle on the situation. 

“We’ve already seen other states that have been hit hard for this second part of this first wave,” Dr. Beeler said. 

Dr. Beeler said the consequences of an outbreak would lead to the mortality rate rising and more activities being restricted. 

If the state starts to roll back in their stage plan vendors at the Original Farmer’s Market would be greatly impacted; just like the thousands of other local business owners. 

“I’m glad they’re warning us, and I hope people take it to heart and they start doing the right thing and taking precautions,” Owner of Elderberry Everything Debbie Norris said.

Dr. Beeler urges the public to listen to state officials and take the virus serious, so we can protect our most vulnerable Hoosiers and enjoy events like the Farmer’s Market. 

“We are concerned that things are getting worse, but we are ready. We have a lot of hospital capacity. We have systems in place that we didn’t at the start of the pandemic,” Dr. Beeler explained.

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