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COLUMBUS, Ind. – Outdoor enthusiasts can soon get the experience of a lifetime when retired NASCAR driver Tony Stewart opens up his Columbus ranch for hunting and fishing.

Stewart plans to open up Hidden Hollow Ranch, his 414-acre property just west of Columbus, for guided hunting tours in time for the start of Indiana’s turkey hunting season which is April 26 through May 14. According to a Bartholomew County zoning application, he also has plans to have guided fishing tours and guided deer hunt tours in the future.

The Bartholomew County Board of Zoning unanimously approved Stewart’s zoning application for the bed-and-breakfast hunting and fishing facility last December.

The property will continue to be a private residence, however, paying guests in groups up to 12 will get to stay overnight in Stewart’s main residence which boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four fireplaces, and a bowling alley in the basement. It is valued at $3.5 million, according to Bartholomew County property records.

Stewart told The Columbus Republic that he usually only stays at Hidden Hollow Ranch 21 days out of the year.

Picture of Hidden Hollow Ranch Columbus / Bartholomew County eGIS website
Picture of Hidden Hollow Ranch Columbus / Bartholomew County eGIS website

All of the guided hunts for turkey season this year have already been sold to Browning Trail Cameras — an outdoor sporting goods company based in Birmingham, Alabama — to use as a corporate event, according to The Columbus Republic. He hopes to sell some fishing tours this summer, but guided deer hunts may not take place for another four or five years because the deer population on his property needs to replenish through breeding.

Stewart told The Columbus Republic that he’s currently working on a website to market the hunting and fishing trips; those that apply will have to undergo background checks before they are approved. There is no word at this time how much it will cost to go on a guided hunt and stay at Hidden Hollow Ranch.