Indiana man named Sheldon Cooper says ‘Big Bang Theory’ character impacted his life


Real-life Sheldon Cooper

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MOORESVILLE, Ind. – After 12 seasons, the popular CBS show, “The Big Bang Theory” comes to a close Thursday. One man, named Sheldon Cooper, said the show’s popularity created some unexpected side effects.

In the show, Sheldon Cooper is a genius scientist, who entered college at the age of 11. The character, played by the actor Jim Parsons has had countless moments and phrases that’s generated millions of laughs.

It’s something Cooper, a Monrovia native, couldn’t escape as the show grew to become a hit. He can’t tell anyone he meets his name without getting some kind of reaction.

“They laugh, they say ‘really?’” said Cooper. “Or they go into some long story, or they tell me ‘do you realize your name is the same name?’”

Cooper said he first learned about the show early in its run. Some relatives told him he shared a name with one of the main characters.

“They said it was a hilarious show, they loved it, it was funny,” said Cooper. “And they said the thing with them was the character kind of had some of the same similarities as myself, as far as tendencies and habits.”

Cooper would argue there were plenty of differences between the two, but he did see a similarity when the character would go sit in his favorite spot on the couch in his apartment.

“I could come into my office the next day and I could tell you if someone was at my desk, if someone had moved anything,” said Cooper. “I know where everything is and I like to keep everything where it’s supposed to be at.”

Cooper works at Equipment Technologies, which manufactures agricultural sprayers, in Mooresville. His co-workers have had fun with the name. The show’s popularity has created a new way for his co-workers to enter his office.

“People will come up and knock on my door,” Cooper said. “They’ll give me the three knocks and then say my name.”

He’s not the only one in the family with the same name. His father, who passed away a few years ago, was Sheldon Clyde Cooper. His son’s name is Sheldon Mitchell Cooper. The youngest Sheldon is in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Las Vegas.

Cooper told his son what to expect when his fellow airmen found out about his name.

The final episode of “The Big Bang Theory” airs Thursday with an hour-long episode. It begins at 8 p.m. on CBS4.

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