Indiana leaders respond to Biden’s call for unity


INDIANAPOLIS — Unity was the theme of President Joe Biden’s message forward Wednesday. Hoosiers on both political spectrums agree unity is needed here and across the country.

President Biden called for a fresh start. Threats of violent protests caused Indiana State Police to shut down the Indiana Statehouse this week out of quote “an abundance of caution”.

Leaders on both sides agree this kind of division needs to stop and hope people do come together this year so important work can be done.

“Without unity, there is no peace, said Biden during his inaugural speech. “We can see each other not as adversaries but as neighbors, we can treat each other with dignity and respect.”

Republican Senate President Pro Tempore Senator Rodric Bray said he appreciated Biden’s call for unity.

“We need as a nation to kind of come together, recognize that our differences are there and that it is very very healthy,” said Bray. “We can have a civil and substantive debate.”

“I think that he speaks to everybody,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair John Zody.

University of Indianapolis Professor Laura Wilson said she was not surprised Biden focused on unity. However, she said unity is easier said than done.

“That will no doubt be one of the biggest challenges for President Biden,” said Wilson.

He didn’t push a lot of policy in his speech as president, Wilson said that’s pretty typical.

“I think he didn’t have to go too far into that [policies] except say that this is the direction he wanted to set, we have to move forward here together, and politics will have its day, but it doesn’t have to be like this,” added Zody.

Wilson said a message of bringing the two parties together was crucial for states like Indiana where President Donald Trump won by 17 percentage points.

“It’s important to understand who this new leader is, to get a sense of his vision and of course it’s easy to talk about unity but we should look forward to seeing how President Biden approaches that in the future,” said Wilson.

Biden didn’t just address unity between political parties, he talked about unity and equality for all races and how he intends to fix justice issues in our nation.

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