Indiana Housing Authority implements emergency policy to prevent evictions


INDIANAPOLIS — A new policy hopes to keep people from losing their homes as Indiana’s eviction moratorium is set to expire Friday.

People who live in an Indianapolis Housing Agency property can set up a plan and make payments towards any unpaid rent.

The agency provides affordable housing to over 10,000 families in Marion County. Mostly, people who fall below a certain income-level, those who are disabled or seniors.

Currently, 950 households are past due on their rent. It adds up to $900,000 owed to the IHA.

“This is a two-way street,” John Hall, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Housing Agency said. “We have a binding lease agreement where we’re supposed to do things, and the renter’s supposed to do things. So, we need to stay in dialogue and come to an understanding.”
The payment plans are based on lost wages due to the pandemic and a person’s ability to pay. To apply, you’ll need to make sure all your paperwork is current. That includes having filled out your annual re-certification documents and a change of income form. 

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