Rides inspected by Indiana Homeland Security officials at Indiana State Fair


State Fair ride.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (August 6, 2015) – Indiana Homeland Security officials are inspecting dozens of rides at the Indiana State Fair, searching for anything that could make the electrical rides unsafe for the public.

“We are out here and we are inspecting to make sure that everything is as safe as possible,” says ‎Senior Public Information Officer at Indiana Department of Homeland Security Amber Kent.

The 2015 Indiana State Fair officially opens Friday; first state fair safety crews must check all 47 rides including each car, restraint and track that will be in use. The inspection is rigorous and mandatory.

“We take a look at a lot of things to make sure that the rides are fully functional. Things as small as are all of the lights working, is the paint looking good. Also, some of the more safety features like the restraints and the mechanics themselves, to make sure that they are fully functional and mechanically sound,” says Kent.

Each operator must also show a DHS worker that their ride is fully functional before inspection.

Then the proper paperwork including documents on ride maintenance and training records must be filed with DHS. Crews say the public can notify the attendant if they find a safety hazard, like a broken part or an operating issue.

“Take a look at the ride before you get on it. Is there anything that concerns you? Is the operator being attentive?” says Kent.

While it may not be in the forecast now, severe weather preparedness is important.

“We have an extensive team and a meteorologist on staff that makes sure to analyze that so that we can make sure to have the proper things and announcements in place to get people where they need to be,” said Lesley Gordon with the Indiana State Fair.

Those announcements are delivered through this public address system and these loud speakers. The Indiana State Fair also has a smart phone app to check out things in your area of the fairgrounds. It’ll also tell you where the closest first aid station is, in case you need help.

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