Indiana Department of Homeland Security encourages checks of elderly during cold

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The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is encouraging Hoosier to check on neighbors who may need help, especially those who are elderly.

“We all need help every now and then,” said John Erickson, IDHS director of public information. “Take some time to check on your neighbors.”

A concerned neighbor should check on their neighbors and elderly family members, according to their degree of comfort and always call ahead first.

The IDHS suggests visiting during daylight hours if possible, asking if it’s okay to clear driveways or sidewalks of snow or ice for elderly neighbors and family members.

Another suggestion is to see if they need anything from the store or other errands that need to be run, to help reduce to the risk of slips or falls due to the elderly being out in snow and ice.

“Being a good neighbor doesn’t take a lot of time,” Erickson said. “You may be surprised the need of those you see often. Even if they don’t need help, they’ll likely be glad to know you care.”

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