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CENTERVILLE, Ind. – A candle company in Centerville has made thousands of candles in honor of Richmond Police Officer Seara Burton.

Officer Burton was shot in the line of duty on Aug. 10 during a traffic stop. Burton died from her injuries on Sunday night.

Warm Glow Candle Company began making the candles shortly after Burton was injured. After making thousands of candles, the company has now raised $25,000. The money will go toward the Richmond Police Department’s K-9 Unit, which is the unit Burton served on.

While hundreds of candles fill Warm Glow’s store, none of them have as special of a purpose as the candles dedicated to Burton.

“In order to represent the sacrifice this hero made, we wanted to put together the best possible product,” said Justin Burkhardt, CEO of Warm Glow Candle Company.

Each candle is more than just a product though; it’s a symbol.

“Some of us can’t even wrap our mind around the sacrifices they make daily, their families make daily,” Burkhardt said. “I’m hoping that it’s a symbol of what they go through.”

Each candle is hand-dipped in wax. The thin blue line wraps around thousands of candles. A picture of Officer Burton and her K-9 Brev sits front and center on the candle along with her badge number.

“I’ve heard that people are putting these out on their porches and burning them in the evening,” Burkhardt said. “Whether you burn it or not, it kind of represents the sacrifices they make daily and a real tribute to Seara.”

Some people who have purchased the candle said they do not want to part with such a glowing tribute to Burton.

“I want to keep it,” said Becki Miller, manager of Artisans and Java at Warm Glow. “I feel like if I burn it, once it’s gone, it’s gone. But if I keep it packaged the way it is, then I have that to show that I support.”

Miller said she, like hundreds of others in the community, was deeply impacted when she first heard of the incident. She visited a memorial outside of the Richmond Police Department shortly after the shooting.

“When I touched the car and said a prayer, that was the most emotional thing,” she said. “You know, an emotion I can’t explain.”

Warm Glow made more than 1,500 orders of the candle that pays tribute to Burton.

“The only thing I can say about this whole situation is, it’s actually brought a community together,” Miller said.,

Each wick is now a sign of Burton’s community’s dedication to keeping her spirit aglow.

“She deserves it,” Miller said. “They all deserve it, our support.” 

Warm Glow’s company leaders said they look forward to giving the check to the Richmond Police Department. They too said they are deeply saddened by the loss, but are humbled by the chance to help Burton’s unit and help keep her memory alive.