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NEW PALESTINE, Ind. – A woman in New Palestine has a very special bond with her grandmother. So much so, the bride is planning her wedding around “Nana’s” 90th birthday, and she asked her to be a bridesmaid.

Tori Brown and her grandmother Genevieve, who she lovingly refers to as Nana, have always had a very special bond. Tori says she calls Nana every day after work, and they watch Colts games and eat lunch together every Sunday. “She always tells the best stories, and I gain so much knowledge from her lifetime experiences. She is a hoot!” Tori said.

When Tori and her fiancé Dustin Rainey started planning their wedding and they found out Adaggios Banquet Hall and Conference Center was available on August 22, 2020—the day after Nana’s 90th birthday—they knew it was the perfect fit. “Our reception will be a big party for her.”

Tori decided years ago, before she was even engaged, that she wanted to ask Nana to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Nana loves Big Macs so Tori took her to McDonald’s to surprise her and ask her the big question.

“She loves her Big Macs so I thought, might as well trick her and ask her that way. I think she was a little disappointed to see her burger was missing,” Tori joked.

Of course, Nana agreed to be a bridesmaid, and she is very excited to stand by Tori’s side on her big day.