LOGANSPORT, Ind. — Last month an Indiana business owner had his auto garage raided by officials with a northern California sheriff’s office, and WLFI reports he now faces criminal charges in San Mateo, California.

According to WLFI, Mark Racop is the only person in the world with permission from DC Comics to build and sell 1966 versions of the Batmobile from his Fiberglass Freaks garage.

But his work was interrupted by the California authorities who traveled to Indiana after a buyer in California claimed Racop defrauded him out of a Batmobile.

Racop said that the buyer, Sam Anagnostou, missed multiple payments on the vehicle and did not contact the car builder for 9 months.

Due to the lack of payment and communication, Racop moved Anagnostou’s Batmobile order to the bottom of his priority list and kept working on paid for orders.

A complaint was filed against Racop by Anagnostou in 2021 through the San Mateo County Superior Court. It was later dismissed WLFI reported.

However, there is some speculation that the visit from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s officials was done at the request of Anagnostou. And possibly as a favor.

“From the very beginning, when the San Mateo Deputies walked in the door, I said ‘What in the world?'” Racop told WLFI. “How did this happen? Why would San Mateo send three men all the way from San Mateo, California to come to Logansport? Pay for their air fare, pay for their hotel, pay for meals. Why?”

The search warrant that the visiting California authorities executed was filed in Cass County on July 18. The search of Racop’s business happened the following day.

Now, Racop has to appear in court in California in a few weeks. His bank account has also been frozen.

Racop also told WLFI that he and Anagnostou had only communicated through their lawyers for some time.