Indiana-based SikhsPAC to donate $1 million worth of face masks, shields to peaceful protesters

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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana-based, nonpartisan political action committee called SikhsPAC has pledged to donate over $1 million worth of face masks and face shields to peaceful protestors across the country.

SikhsPAC says the donations will be made in partnership with Indiana-based personal protection equipment manufacturer and distributor Cleanxa.

Peaceful protesters can request a free mask by visiting and using the coupon code “BLACKLIVESMATTER” at checkout. Organizations working to arrange peaceful protests can request free bulk orders by reaching out to or 317-308-1050.

SikhsPAC released the following statement:

SikhsPAC has always and will always stand with the Black community, and SikhsPAC is making these donations as a way to advocate for police reform and justice for Black individuals in the United States. Along with this, SikhsPAC would like these donations to reflect their support for making Juneteenth a national holiday. Systemic racism is prevalent in USA for centuries. It is not a Republican or democratic issue rather an American issue and every American needs to step up against racism. Being non racist is not enough. We need to be anti-racist.


“In this country, the atrocities against Black individuals is not covered enough within the history lessons taught to our children in schools,” said Gurinder Singh Khalsa, the founder of SikhsPAC. “Putting a blanket over the history of systematic racism in our country is one of the most harmful things we can do – the new generations moving forward will be much more passionate, caring, and understanding toward their Black community members if they are taught the real, tough history.”

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