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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Federal and independent authorities now play a role in the investigation into the officer-involved shooting of Dreasjon Reed, 21. Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears requested a court-ordered independent prosecutor for the investigation and potential prosecution.

“Sometimes an independent eye is necessary and helpful,” Mears said. “I hope this decision is viewed by the community as a way to see us.”

As Police Chief Randal Taylor pleads for patience from the community as the investigation unfolds, the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee (GIPC) said meaningful conversations are important.

“This shooting has opened and revealed some of the biggest wounds in this city,” Mary Chandler, GIPC Board Chair, said.

Wednesday evening, following a police chase streamed live on social media, IMPD reported an African American police officer fatally shot Reed after an exchange of gunfire between the two. This incident is leading the community to demand accountability and transparency.

“We have to understand the fear, the pain, and the anxiety,” Chandler said. “Listen, hear, and talk through the problems, it’s absolutely essential to hear everyone right now.”

Through the Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network (RCRLN), a standing committee of GIPC, people have a platform where they can speak about cultural and racial issues. This happens through monthly meetings from the RCRLN with the police chief, detectives, and members of the many diverse groups in Indy. You can find more by visiting,

“People listen and they ask the most difficult questions that you can imagine that would arise out of a situation like this,” Chandler explained.

Chandler encouraged rational thinking through anxiety and grief.

“I think fundamentally, we have to wait and be patient for the investigation to take place,” Chandler said. “For us to learn the facts through a transparent process, that’s not going to be easy.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett called on the US Attorneys Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigations to monitor the two officer-involved shootings from this week. The FBI said in a statement, “the FBI is aware of these matters and is monitoring them in conjunction with the US Attorneys Office.”