IN Focus: Myers issues coronavirus plan, Mitchell moves to virtual campaign


INDIANAPOLIS – The coronavirus crisis is also impacting the 2020 election cycle, with Indiana now moving to delay its May primary until June, as candidates move operations into virtual mode and release plans to deal with the impact of the virus in our state.

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced Friday that our state’s primary would be delayed until June 2, with the state also doing more to permit absentee voting by mail.

Holcomb’s opponent in this year’s race for Governor has been calling on the state to take a more aggressive approach to the virus.

This week, we spoke with gubernatorial candidate and former state health commissioner Dr. Woody Myers.

“Indiana has not been acting as quickly as it should to control the spread of the coronavirus,” Myers said, upon releasing an 11-point plan earlier this week to deal with the virus.

One aspect of that plan has already been enacted by the state- the closing of all Indiana schools.

Gov. Holcomb announced Thursday that Indiana’s schools would be closed until at least May 1- if not the rest of the school year.

Myers also told us he wants to form a task force that includes experts with backgrounds in health, education, and other aspects of life.

This week, we also spoke with state treasurer and congressional candidate Kelly Mitchell, who recently adjusted her campaign to be an entirely virtual operation and launched a new initiative called “Together, We Overcome.”

“Now is not the time for politics.  It is a time for togetherness.  Many Hoosiers are concerned about their health and safety, about their families, and many are asking how they can help others in need,” said Mitchell.

One of Mitchell’s opponents, Carl Brizzi, was the first to call for the May primary to be delayed, a move the governor made official on Friday.

But politics have not been entirely on hiatus in this crisis, as panelists James Briggs, Peter Dunn and Adam Wren discuss in this week’s panel segment.

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