IMS parking sold out, here’s where to find last-minute spots

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SPEEDWAY, Ind.– Time is ticking. If you’re driving to the Indy 500, parking spots are disappearing.

All reserved Indianapolis Motor Speedway parking spots are sold out. Spots in the surrounding Speedway neighborhoods, like in Dennis Bogden’s front yard, are disappearing too.

“This year seems to be the prime 100th year so I only have a couple but I’m sure in due time they will fastly fill,” said Bogden, who has sold spots in his yard for nearly ten years.

So what’s a car full of fans to do come race day?

“At this point, that’s one of the biggest challenges, is parking. How do we get them to the places where they need to be so the biggest thing for us is come here early. Plan where you’re going to go. If you don’t have a parking pass, you’re probably going to have to park somewhere west or north of the facility in the neighborhoods,” said IMS President Doug Boles.

“Drive through the neighborhood, find a spot, most yards will be filled up towards the track that way, just drive around and find a spot,” said Speedway resident Thomas Wood.

Wood has sold spots in his yard a few blocks from the track for almost 30 years.

Your best bet, according to Boles, is to drive north and west of the track. Neighborhoods further out will not have spots sold as quickly.

“Illinois, Kentucky, we have some from Missouri, I mean they drive for hours just to get here on race day,” said Wood of fans that come from all over the country and park in his yard.

Another tip is to arrive early. With record attendance and fans from all over the country headed into town, you will need to arrive before 10 a.m. if you don’t want to walk a couple miles to get to the track.

Finally, drivers may try Speedway High School which sells spots in their parking lot for $20 each on race day.

“When the high school fills up, because they charge too at the school, we usually fill up right afterwards,” said Wood.

If you don’t feel like spending a long time looking for a spot on race day, shopping centers a mile or two away from the Speedway are always options, of course, you’ll just need to be prepared for a long walk.

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