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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis police are continuing to hunt for a trio of accused killers.

Investigators are asking for the public’s help to catch three men wanted on active warrants for three different murders this year.

According to court records, the three killings all had different motives. One started over a girlfriend, another involved drugs and the third a lack of respect.

One thing they share is all three families are still waiting for justice.

In late September, a man sitting in his car was shot to death while attending a friend’s memorial service. Witnesses say Kirk Shurill was spinning his tires in the parking lot when Jeff Buckley apparently took offense and opened fire.

Buckley has so far also escaped arrest.

“It’s actually hurtful knowing that we’re going into a new year and knowing that my brother is no longer here and knowing that the person that took him from us is still on the street. It’s really hurtful and we just want justice for our brother,” said Shurill’s sister, Amy Cowherd.

In early June, a graduation party ended with gunfire at the Carriage West Apartments on Whitcomb Court.

Fairely Griffie, 19, died after being shot multiple times. The suspect, Jordan Taber, initially claimed he acted in self-defense, but later fled to avoid arrest.

Finally, in mid-October at 10th and Rural, 26-year-old Philly Alexander was gunned down. According to court records, the suspect, Demond Bender, killed Alexander because he was upset over being sold some poor quality synthetic marijuana.

“The community gave information to the police department and we have been able to identify these three individuals who arguably took away Christmas from somebody. They took away a loved one,” said IMPD Sgt. Chris Wilburn.

Police praised the public for helping solve the three cases, but they join the victim’s families asking for more assistance tracking down Jordan Taber, Jeff Buckley and Demond Bender.

“They cannot live in this community until they answer for the alleged crimes they participated in,” said Wilburn.

“Just come forward. I know the street code is don’t say nothing, but just come forward. If you know where he is, just come forward. Let justice be served and come forward,” said Cowherd.

As always, anyone with information regarding the location of the three suspects is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.