INDIANAPOLIS — Dozens of guns and thousands of fentanyl pills were seized during a raid at one Indianapolis home this month.

Inside a home on Worcester Avenue on Indy’s east side, police claim a man living with his fiancée and 3-year-old son amassed a small arsenal of weapons to protect his drug dealing operation. The firearms included 25 handguns and 5 rifles.

The firearms were confiscated this month when officers with the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force searched the home and arrested 28-year-old Anthony Batres-Abarca.

According to court records, the raid stems from a much larger investigation into the illegal trafficking of fentanyl across central Indiana.

Local and federal law enforcement believe these sorts of cases can save lives.

“The short and long-term goal is to reduce violent crime,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley.

In addition to the guns, 5 illegal machine gun conversion devices were also recovered along with nearly 6000 suspected fentanyl pills.

“There seems to be an intersection between crime, guns, narcotics and violent crime, so we’re hoping this arrest stops someone from being hurt through gun violence or through overdose,” said Foley.

According to the affidavit, after being arrested the suspect admitted to being a drug dealer and heavy fentanyl user.

“Anytime you can get that amount of pills off the streets, IMPD did a tremendous job and it’s a big win for our community,” said DEA assistant special agent in charge Mike Gannon.

Picture of pills seized by IMPD

Because a tiny amount of fentanyl, enough to fit on the tip of a pencil, can be fatal, the DEA reminds everyone that taking just one pill can kill.

In fact, last year in Marion County alone more than 640 people died from fentanyl or opioid-related overdoses.

“We’re here telling you if you’re getting pills on the street, you have to assume it’s being laced with fentanyl, so you have to think twice before you take one of those,” said Gannon.

Court records show the suspect was released from the county jail but remains in federal custody with an initial hearing set for later this month.

Detectives arrested Batres-Abarca and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office charged him with dealing in a narcotic drug, a level 2 felony, and possession of a machine gun, a level 5 felony.

Booking photo of Batres-Abarca

This case was brought as part of the Indiana Crime Guns Task Force (ICGTF). ICGTF is a partnership of law enforcement officers and analysts from several central Indiana law enforcement agencies in Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Marion, Morgan, Johnson and Shelby counties.

In cooperation with state, local, and federal partners, ICGTF collaborates to address violent crime through a comprehensive strategy including innovative approaches to locating suspects and evidence related to violent crimes and illegal possession of firearms.