IMPD recruiting dozens of new officers in hopes of increasing diversity


INDIANAPOLIS — Recruiting has been difficult for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, which still remains dozens of officers down from their target number of men and women on duty. Tuesday afternoon, potential recruits began preparing to fill that void.

“IMPD, just like many police agencies, it’s been a challenge,” explained IMPD Lt. Shane Foley. “We are in a situation where you want to recruit a diverse population. We want our police departments to look like our community.”

The potential recruits were working out as part of the pre-academy readiness (PAR) program. Right now IMPD is looking for 60 new officers and have expanded applications to Hoosiers in their 40s, as well as made it easier for current officers in other states or cities to switch to IMPD.

The department is hoping to have 30% of their recruits be women by 2030. For the first time since the pandemic, IMPD is bringing back their “Women Behind the Badge” program.

“[It’s a] workshop that allows women who are 18 years of age or older to engage with female officers to ask questions,” detailed Lt. Foley.

If you are interested in joining IMPD’s PAR program you can, and it’s free. You can sign up here.

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