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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD officers say they feel for their brothers and sisters in blue in Iowa after two police officers in the Des Moines metro area were shot in their cars and killed ambush style.

Metro police obviously know the danger well, because two of their own stations were targeted by a gunman in October, who was arrested earlier this week.

Police are trained to keep their eyes open, but danger can be anywhere.

“Always something different, that’s what I love about it,” said IMPD Northwest District Officer Danielle Lewis.

Lewis has been an IMPD officer for a little more than a year. It’s a relatively short time on the force but long enough for her to see the community impact of her job and personal risks it can bring.

“When you’re sitting in your car working on a report, you generally kind of think that you’re safe,” she said, “It’s terrible. It’s heartbreaking.”

Investigators said the two Des Moines area officers were shot and killed in their cars ambush-style early Wednesday morning by 46-year-old Scott Greene, a man who had a criminal record as well as a recent run-in with officers.

“When someone attacks one of us, they attack all of us,” said Lewis.

Lewis is based at IMPD’s Northwest District, one of two stations investigators said was shot up weeks ago by 21-year-old Damoine Wilcoxson, who’s also charged in a Zionsville murder.

“It’s something that we’re aware of, especially when it was our own building,” said Lewis.

“Ever since then our officers have been on a heightened sense of awareness for their own personal safety due to those attacks,” said Major Richard Riddle.

The incidents here at home in recent weeks and new tragedy in Iowa are reminding officers like Lewis that their vigilance is crucial in a job that can be life of death.

“Don’t forget that somebody could be around any corner ready to hurt us,” she said.