INDIANAPOLIS — The two IMPD officers indicted by a grand jury Friday who shot a man asleep in a car outside his grandmother’s house made their first court appearance Monday morning and pleaded not guilty.

Officers Carl Chandler and Alexander Gregory face multiple charges for shooting 24-year-old Anthony Maclin, last December.

Both officers are being released on a $3,000 cash bond.

Chandler and Gregory face multiple felony charges for the New Year’s Eve shooting, which was caught on body-camera video and showed the officers firing dozens of bullets into the 24-year-old’s car, striking him three times. 

The charges against Chandler and Gregory include aggravated battery, battery with a deadly weapon and battery resulting in serious bodily injury. IMPD released the body camera footage after the incident, where the two officers found Maclin sleeping inside a rental car. 

IMPD responded after Maclin’s grandmother called for officers to check out a vehicle she didn’t recognize. While attempting to wake Maclin up, the officers saw Maclin sleeping with a gun on his lap. Police say Maclin never fired the weapon, but body camera video showed the officers firing dozens of shots into the car. 

IMPD says there was no “clear view of the position of the gun after Maclin woke up and moved his arm.” After being shot, he said he slept in the car because he didn’t want to wake up his grandmother. 

He survived the shooting after having six surgeries and being hospitalized for 17 days. 

“So, we know police officers can use force when most of us cannot, but that force must be reasonable under the circumstances,” said Marion County Prosecuting attorney Ryan Mears. “We’re going to have these conversations about reasonableness, and we think it makes sense to present this to the grand jury, which is comprised of members of our community.”

Maclin’s attorney shared a statement with FOX59/CBS4 calling the shooting “senseless.” 

“Anthony’s only ‘offense’ was being a young black man in a high-crime neighborhood. This ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ approach to policing is illegal. It cannot be tolerated, which is why the family is grateful that the criminal process will proceed against officers Gregory and Chandler.” 

A statement from the officers’ attorney said, “These officers acted in accordance with their training to defend their lives when a subject grabbed a gun and raised it toward them.”

Both officers are currently on paid leave.

A pretrial hearing is set for Dec. 6.

On Monday, Maclin’s attorney announced that a lawsuit has been filed against IMPD and the city of Indianapolis. Maclin and his grandmother spoke about the incident in a press conference which can be viewed below.