IMPD Missing Persons Unit gives inside look at Jamie Tate’s case, other missing persons

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INDIANAPOLIS — There are hundreds of active missing persons cases in central Indiana.

Baby Amiah Robertson disappeared back in March of 2019 when she was just eight months old. Chenell Gilbert, a mother of two, disappeared in June on the west side of Indianapolis.

Right now, IMPD’s Missing Persons Unit is focusing their efforts on 33-year-old Jamie Tate, who is believed to be in extreme danger.

Tate was last seen at her home on North Belleview Place, on the city’s near west side. Her family says this isn’t like her. 

“Jamie’s case is suspicious. We believe that foul play may be involved. We do have several persons of interest that we have been trying to interview and get information from,” said IMPD Detective James Burton.

Detective Burton is one of the lead investigators on Tate’s case. He says they have executed search warrants and spoke to persons of interest. He says the tips coming in make her case even more suspicious. 

“With the witness observing her arguing with the individual and being drug [dragged] into a house and not being seen or heard from since is what makes her case suspicious,” explained Detective Burton.

Police say this occurred on South Warman Street. Neighbors in the area tell FOX59 that detectives went door-to-door knocking in search of Tate.

IMPD’s Missing Persons Unit is a five-person team working about 300 cases a month. Those cases range from runaways, kidnapping and missing persons. Every case is different, and some are challenging, those involving runaways, but that’s not all.

“Where we believe foul play is involved and people aren’t coming forward necessarily with the best information, this becomes hard as well,” said Detective Burton.

That’s what they’re experiencing in Tate’s case. There’s no paper trail of calls or text messages for investigators to follow, making this case even harder to crack.  

“There’s a couple of theories as to why Jamie went missing, and like I said, we’ve interviewed multiple persons of interest. But as of right now, we are still looking for answers in her disappearance,” said Detective Burton.

A piece a paper hangs with a photo to remind you that Jamie still hasn’t returned home while her family awaits just like the rest.

“Just remember that you can stay anonymous, call our tip line, any information whether you think it means anything or not could help us greatly locate these missing people,” Burton.

There are several persons of interest and others who are running from police, specifically in Tate’s case. 

If you have any information that can lead them to Tate’s whereabouts, someone involved in her disappearance or any of the other missing persons cases, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS or the Missing Persons Unit at 317-327-6160.

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