IMPD investigating two unusual deaths in two months at an apartment complex in Castleton


INDIANAPOLIS — For the second time in two months, police are investigating a death at an apartment complex in Castleton.

A 17-year-old was shot and killed at the Riverbend apartment Thursday night. After hearing numerous gunshots, residents looked outside and found a man lying next to a car on the ground fighting for his life.

“I could clearly see his left arm was covered in blood and he was struggling to sit up and lean forward,” said Zach Chichwak.

Police say a second victim suffered a graze wound in the parking lot. Zach recalls the victim, 17-year-old Jordan Jackson, didn’t have much to say before passing away on the scene.

“He yelled for help and I said I was calling 911,” said Chichwak. “I have no idea what this was over, but he’s dead now.”

While that violence took place outside Zach’s front window, in April police were called to another building next door and found 22-year-old Jordan Henry dead inside an apartment covered in blankets with two black eyes and extensive bruising.

Despite a history of domestic violence calls to the apartment, the coroner ruled those injuries didn’t cause her death. Court records claim police say the victim had toxins in her blood from ingesting too many nitrates, indicating either suicide or poisoning, with accidental or intentional suffocation by the blankets also a possibility.

Police arrested Henry’s boyfriend for murder but released him after six days in jail.  Prosecutors haven’t filed charges because that cause of death remains undetermined.

Prior to the two cases, Zach hadn’t noticed much violence on the property, but admits no place is immune.

“This kind of thing eventually spreads everywhere. I don’t think there’s much you can do,” said Chichwak. “People develop indifference to violence and before you know it this type of thing is commonplace.”

Anyone with information on either of the deaths is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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