IMPD investigating several slashed tire reports, potential suspect arrested following pursuit


INDIANAPOLIS – On Sunday night around 11:30, officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) arrested a man who allegedly fled a traffic stop, struck a police vehicle, and took off on foot before he was caught by a police K-9 and taken into custody.

“They attempted to stop the vehicle, believing this individual or person in this vehicle was involved in multiple slashing of vehicle tires,” said Lieutenant Shane Foley, public information officer for IMPD.

The suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Corey Allen.

IMPD said this was the second pursuit of the day involving the vehicle that Allen was driving, when officers attempted to pull him over Sunday night. The earlier pursuit was terminated, according to police.

“In this situation this individual was involved in numerous crimes, including multiple vehicle pursuits that also endangers the public,” said Foley. “It’s important that we take this person into custody so this way that risk to the public doesn’t continue.”

Foley explained, IMPD recently revised its vehicle pursuit policy, which keeps in mind the need to apprehend a person, while also protecting the public, which is why the earlier pursuit was terminated.

It was during the second attempt to pull the vehicle over Sunday, when police said Allen struck an officer’s vehicle.

“In one of these pursuits one of our officer’s vehicle was struck. There was no injury but still that emphasizes the potential danger that’s involved,” said Foley.

According to IMPD, Allen is considered a potential suspect in at least four recent incidents, where people reported having their car tires slashed. Foley said information provided by community members led officers to investigate, and subsequently attempt to pull over Allen.

“This information came in large part due to community cooperation, people calling police saying this is the suspect vehicle believed to be involved in this,” he explained. “Due to community cooperation officers were able to identify the suspect vehicle, had a vehicle pursuit and eventually made apprehension on the suspect.”

Allen was arrested and booked into jail, however, no official charges have been announced. Police said he was arrested for allegedly committing several crimes during the pursuit, including resisting law enforcement and fleeing in a vehicle, resisting law enforcement and fleeing, criminal mischief, and operating a vehicle having never received a license.

Because Allen is the potential suspect in several incidents under investigation, his mugshot has also not yet been released by authorities.

Several police reports have been filed with IMPD from residents who discovered they had tires slashed on their vehicles. Doug Sapp, who lives in the Old Northside neighborhood, said his neighbor alerted him to the vandalism last week.

“My neighbor texted me the day of and said, ‘I think your tires got slashed’ and I just walked outside in the morning and sure enough they had been slashed,” he said.

Sapp said he was on the app Nextdoor recently, when he noticed several posts about tire slashing in the vicinity near his neighborhood. “Then our car got hit,” he said.

“It’s like this recurring pattern of tires getting slashed and that was actually my daughter’s car that day and then the next day, this car got slashed,” said Sapp.

Two of her tires were slashed, right after she returned home from college. He said the family tried to make light of the situation, joking that her tires were getting old and needed replacing soon anyways.

“She needed tires replaced so we assume he was doing her a favor by telling her ‘hey, you need to get new tires,” said Sapp.

He said, on the other hand, it is frustrating and inconvenient to deal with.

“It’s frustrating, my daughter just came home from college so we had to get her new tires, and when you get two slashed you can’t just throw on a spare,” Sapp shared.

He also said the tire slashed on his son’s car was recently replaced after it had been damaged previously by a pothole.

According to a police report filed with IMPD, Sapp discovered the first slashing happened between midnight and 6 a.m. on May 11. He filed a new report the next day when he found his son’s car was damaged.

This time, Sapp said his cameras clearly caught the person walking over and popping the tire, which still sits on the car in the road.

Sapp said after capturing the video on his home surveillance and car’s surveillance cameras, he pulled the camera footage and shared it online in a forum with other neighbors and area residents.

“Sure enough within a day or two he was spotted again. We got even better footage — someone down in the neighborhood got a picture of him and then was just like two days ago someone caught him on cell phone footage and got really, really good footage,” said Sapp.

He said he was surprised to see how many people sharing similar experiences where their tires had been damaged in recent days.

“We had everybody together posting all their pictures, their comments together and getting the data in one spot, making it really easy,” he shared.

Sapp said several people, in addition to filing police reports, kept an eye out and called IMPD with any sightings of the car.

One of those calls was from a man, who also filed a police report for vandalism to his tires, and came in within the minutes before the second pursuit, where Allen was taken into custody, IMPD confirms.

“Some people might say well this isn’t a – it’s a low level crime and it is – but slashing of tires is a quality of life issue,” said Foley.

Foley continued, “If you park your vehicle in the street and you wake up in the morning and your tires are slashed and that prevents you from being able to go to work, drop your kids off at daycare, drop your kids off at school, that impacts your quality of life.”

This is all on top of the cost of repairing tires, which can be quite expensive.

“So it may not be a violent crime, but it is a crime that impacts people,” Foley said.

As IMPD continues to investigate Allen’s alleged involvement in several tire slashing cases, they ask anyone with information to call IMPD or Crime Stoppers at 316-262-8477, where you can remain anonymous.

When it comes to community tips leading to arrests, Foley said, “We’ve had tremendous success this year, particularly with violent crimes but we don’t want to limit ourselves to solving violent crimes, but also these quality of life issues.”

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