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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – For the second time this week, detectives with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are investigating a homicide in the same neighborhood.

The latest shooting around 5 a.m. in the 2800 block of Stuart Street, near 30th Street and North Sherman Drive.

Officers were called to the scene on a report of shots fired, but they didn’t see anything because it was dark outside when they responded. Later in the morning, a man was found dead in front of the house.

The shooting comes three days after another homicide, just blocks away. Community leaders say the violence will only stop when people in this area speak up and start to say enough is enough.

A series of gunshots on Stuart Street left a 46-year-old man lying dead in a neighbor’s front yard.

Sylvester Collins didn’t hear the gunshots outside his home, but did know the victim identified as Eric Averitte.

Just three days earlier and three blocks east of his home, a small memorial marks the spot where 32-year-old Montize Coe died after being shot on Station Street. Sylvester called both men his friends.

“It really hurts me. Over on Station, I could deal with that because it’s not at my front door, but when it comes to my front door I have a serious problem with that,” said Collins.

“We absolutely don’t want or need this violence in our community,” said IMPD East District Commander Roger Spurgeon.

Police are still investigating what led up to the murders on Stuart and on Station, but they say they can’t solve the cases alone.

“We need people to tell us what’s going on. We need them to be our eyes and ears. We need them to some forward and let us know so we can make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else,” said Spurgeon.

That’s why after the latest shooting Shonna Majors, the city’s first Director of Community Violence Reduction, joined Robert Fry, one of the city’s two newly appointed peacemakers, and walked the neighborhood with a local mentoring group to build trust in the community and try to prevent any more killing.

“We’re just out trying to canvas and see what the community needs so we can be here to help,” said LaShauna Triplett with Mackida Loveal & Trip Outreach Center.

So far no arrests have been made in either shooting this week. Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.