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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD says they have shut down a prostitution ring that was operating out of a west side massage parlor.

An IMPD covert human trafficking unit raided the parlor located at 5550 W. 10th St. Investigators say a tip led to a several week-long investigation.

“We’re glad that the community said something and we acted upon that response. We wouldn’t be here without the community,” IMPD Sgt. Chris Wilburn said.

Police arrested parlor owner Tusi-Hsueh Wang. Investigators say she is currently facing charges of prostitution and promoting prostitution. Detectives say it’s possible she will face more charges in the future.

“There are still people cooperating with investigators, there is still a lot of evidence to sort through,” Sgt. Wilburn said.

There was no signage identifying the name of the parlor, however an internet search lists the business’s name as the Satisfied Spa.

Investigators say they aren’t sure if that’s the business’s actual name as they’ve found multiple names for the business. Property records show ownership of the business is listed under the “Hold Everything Trust.”

Investigators say creating confusion surrounding the businesses name and ownership could be a tactic used to hide activity such as human trafficking.

“You cannot do these things without being caught. You cannot operate under the cloak of secrecy at night and think no one is paying attention. You cannot do these things in an environment where there’s children around, you cannot, its illegal,” Sgt. Wilburn said.

As police push forward their investigation, anti-human trafficking advocates like say it’s important for authorities to place focus on the potential victims and their well being.

“Human trafficking is an exploitative crime, its economic, its violent, but there’s always victims at the center and they’re usually key witnesses. So, it’s really, really important for us to protect and empower and serve them in every way that we can,” Kate Kimmer, the statewide anti-trafficking coordinator for the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault said.