Icy mess on Raceway Road causes several crashes Wednesday morning

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. — The cold temperatures Wednesday morning caused an icy mess along a stretch of road on the Hendricks County-Marion County line.

Emergency crews responded to several crashes in the area and said there was about a quarter inch of ice on the street.

People who live along Raceway Road, between 10th Street and 136, said they noticed several wrecks this morning.

“When my husband left he called and said it was super icy, couldn’t stop,” said Jessice Burdine, whose family recently moved to a home just off Raceway. “It was awful.”

The Wayne Township Fire Department said the road was “nearly impassible due to ice.”

“At about 7:30, there was a wreck out here because the roads get icy and slippery,” said Wayne Ross, who also lives off Raceway Road. “When they try to stop going over the hill here, they usually go off the ravine.”

FOX59 looked into which county is responsible for treating the road in this particular area.

The Hendricks County Highway Department confirmed the area is under their jurisdiction.  The department’s superintendent said they did not pre-treat the road because they felt it was unclear whether there would be snow or rain. He noted rain would just wash away any pre-treatment.

“We’ve complained to Marion County and they say it’s Hendricks County that needs to do it,” Ross said. “Then, Hendricks County tells Marion County to do this side of the road. So, nobody wants to do it.”

By Wednesday afternoon, road conditions had greatly improved on Raceway Road.

No one was seriously injured in the morning crashes.

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