INDIANAPOLIS — An Arizona man faces federal charges after court documents indicate he never got over being rejected in college.

In 2002, Patrick Kearney was pursuing a relationship with a woman. Court documents say he would try walking with her to class, meeting her at her dorm, and even leaving mail for her at her dorm mailbox.

The woman did not reciprocate these romantic advances, and when she graduated, she never saw Kearney again. However, according to court documents filed in the case against Kearney, that rejection festered for nearly 20 years before he started a stalking and harassment campaign against her and her husband-to-be.

In September 2019, an Indianapolis woman went to check her mail. Instead of finding bills or mail from a loved one, however, the document said she encountered the beginning of a series of anonymous harassing and threatening letters.

The federal indictment filed in the case says between September 2019 and September 2022, Kearney would send the woman 22 handwritten letters. Most of these letters said the woman should have died during the September 11, 2001, terror attack. Another letter suggested that her body should have been added to a pile of Holocaust victims.

In one of the early letters, the document states Kearney sent the woman a printed photo of the World Trade Center burning with the note:

“This is where you should have been on 9/ 11 you evil wicked ruinous devil. You would have saved the world much misery and grief God will judge you and guess where you will go [expletive]! is what this stupid country really is? Divided States of America.”

Early September 2019 letter sent by Patrick Kearney quoted in the federal indictment

Not only did the woman have to deal with these harassing letters, but the document also said in October 2019, Kearney would start repeatedly calling her phone. He would leave voicemails telling her to check the mail and calling her offensive names.

Between October 2019 and September 2022, the indictment states Kearney called the woman around 404 times, leaving at least 155 voicemails. On average, this means the woman was subjected to a call from Kearney roughly every three days.

His pattern of calling and leaving voicemails slowed in 2021 but didn’t entirely stop. The threats picked back up in 2022 when the woman was preparing to get married.

While preparing for the wedding, the woman and her fiancé set up a wedding website to share their registry information and the day of the ceremony. The indictment reads they were registered, among other places, at Crate & Barrel and Target.

When Kearney found this website, the document states he started to harass and threaten her husband as well. He even called her on her wedding night to harass her.

After the wedding, the document states Kearney called to ask why she didn’t invite him to her wedding before threatening her more.

“If I would have gone, I would have crashed your wedding. But since I wasn’t there, I just want to destroy the rest of your life.”

Early May 2022 voicemail left by Patrick Kearney quoted in the federal indictment

The indictment states the couple started getting more letters and packages from Kearney. This includes a package of cockroach poison addressed to the newlyweds will a letter telling them to put it on the wedding cake.

He followed the package up with a voicemail, in which the document states he pretended to be from Crate & Barrel, asking if they were satisfied with the gift.

“The thing is, I was very satisfied [laughter} but I was wondering how satisfied were you with the gift that you got.”

Segment of May 2022 voicemail left by Patrick Kearney quoted in the federal indictment

Months after the wedding, the indictment also states Kearney mailed the couple a package with a DVD of a pornographic film along with feminine hygiene products. The next month, he followed up with a voicemail to the woman’s husband pretending to be with Target.

The indictment states Kearney repeatedly mentioned the couple’s wedding website in his voicemail, even months after the wedding. In an August 2022 voicemail, Kearney told the woman’s husband that he didn’t care if they called the police.

Go ahead, I really don’t care, because if she chose to destroy my life in 2002, in 2022 I will destroy your and her life

Segment of August 2022 voicemail left by Patrick Kearney quoted in the federal indictment

As a result of this years-long harassment and intimidation campaign, Kearney faces nine combined counts of federal charges for interstate stalking, transmitting threats via interstate communications and making harassing telephone calls.

If convicted on all nine counts, Kearney faces a maximum penalty of 27 years federal imprisonment, a $250,000 fine and up to three years of supervised release following any prison term.