‘I say STOP IT’: Indiana woman tired of political ads makes her own


Linda Messmer/Photo courtesy WVIG

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You see them on TV. You see them on websites. You see them on YouTube.

The midterm election is almost here, and the commercials are unavoidable. You can’t turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or check things online without seeing one. It’s been that way for weeks.

Like many of us, Linda Messmer of Brazil, Indiana, has had enough. Unlike many of us, she decided to do something about it.

Messmer started running her own ad Monday on Terre Haute-area radio stations WVIG, WAMB and WFNB, according to general manager Dave Crooks.

Crooks said other stations around the country are picking up the radio spot.

In it, Messmer says she’s voted in every election since she’s been old enough to vote. She considers herself an informed voter and says she tries to keep up on the issues. But the spate of political ads—most of them dripping in negativity—has gotten to her.

“I am sick and tired of being bombarded with all the negative, hateful, mean-spirited ads. For all the candidates who are running these kinds of ads, I say, STOP IT. I’m Linda Messmer, and I approved this message.”

You can listen to it here (audio courtesy WVIG):

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