INDIANAPOLIS — A manager at an Indy lab corporation has been fired after threatening a US Congressman with murder.

Jonathan Reeser, a former manager at Patients Choice Laboratories in Indianapolis, allegedly made the threats to Democratic US Rep. Eric Swalwell of California in a direct message sent earlier this week.

Reeser’s message to Rep. Swalwell, read, in part:

“I hope you (sic) family is raped and murdered and I hope you get tied to the back of a truck and drug 10,000 miles until your body is ripped to pieces you scum. I wish I saw you in person I’d break your f****** face so fast youd have plastic surgery and never look the same again.”

Message sent by Jonathan Reeser to Rep. Eric Swalwell

Swalwell apparently received the message from Reeser through a Twitter DM, causing Swalwell to tweet a screenshot of the message early Friday morning while asking for more information on Reeser.

“Does anyone know Jonathan Reeser of Indiana,” Swalwell’s tweet read. “Why would he say threaten to kill my family?”

The tweet from Swalwell garnered thousands of replies, with some users telling the California representative to turn the message from Reeser in to the police.

Swalwell also included a link to Reeser’s apparent LinkedIn profile, which has since been deactivated. Some accounts responded that Reeser should face punishment from his employer as well, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Reeser, a Fishers resident, previously said on his LinkedIn page that he managed the day-to-day operations and employees of Patients Choice Laboratories, the IBJ reports.

On Friday morning, Patients Choice Laboratories tweeted a statement announcing that Reeser had been fired effective immediately and is no longer associated with the company.

“We were appalled by the recent comments made by one of our employees,” the statement read. “We do not stand for, or condone, offensive or threatening behaviors. Not only do these comments violate our social media policy, but they violate our company’s moral and ethical standards and will not be tolerated.”

Reeser could not be reached for comment by the Indianapolis Business Journal.