INDIANAPOLIS — A woman who collapsed on her way into the hospital has now been reunited with a retired nurse who stepped in to help save her.

CBS4 previously reported Barbara was making her way to Community Heart and Vascular Hospital for an appointment when she suddenly collapsed. She was having a cardiac event moments after stepping through the front door.

Within seconds, caregivers from the information desk and valet rushed to help Barbara. Community Health Network says a woman who said she was a retired nurse also stepped in to help.

Community Health Network said that Good Samaritan came forward Friday, returning to the hospital. In a touching video, the woman, finally identified as Stephanie Schwebach, was reunited with Barbara.

Schwebach said she thought about the incident all week until returning to the hospital for an appointment. She never expected to see Barbara again.

“I didn’t know if she was still alive, so I could not get her out of my mind,” said Schwebach.

Schwebach says she feels like she was put in the right place at the right time to help Barbara in her time of need. When Barabara collapsed, Schwebach took immediate action.

“You came in and you fell right down at my feet,” said Schwebach. “You didn’t have a pulse. We did compressions on you and I’ve been thinking about you every day and praying for you.”

After spending time with Barbara and her husband at the hospital, Schwebach gave them her contact information so they could continue to be in touch.