Hundreds of aggressive bees attack town in California


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4 Fast Facts

  • Swarm of bees invaded a town in northern California on Friday.
  • The bees were Africanized killer bees that migrated north from South America.
  • The bees killed two dogs and hospitalized two people.
  • The bees were mostly gone by Sunday.

CONCORD, Calif. — It sounds like something straight out of a horror movie – a town was forced to take shelter after hundreds of aggressive bees invaded the area.

According to the East Bay Times, the bees are Africanized killer bees that migrated north first from South America and then through Southern California. It is believed that they took over a hive of ordinary honeybees in an amateur beekeeper’s backyard.

Hundreds of bees began terrorizing the neighborhood last Friday. The bees killed two dogs and hospitalized two people.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. I couldn’t have imagined that kind of aggression. I’ve had yellow jackets chase after me; that’s as close as I could compare it. That was nothing like this,” resident Mike Malley told the East Bay Times.

Fortunately, most of the bees had been killed by Saturday night.

“The swarms are gone,” Concord police spokesman Corp. Chris Blakely said Sunday afternoon. “It is safer. But as it gets warmer, you’ll see more and more of the isolated (bees), and there’s no doubt, they are very, very aggressive. So while the swarms are gone, it’s not something that’s going to go away entirely overnight.”

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