Hundreds in town for NFL Combine means more police in downtown Indy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The NFL Combine is back in downtown Indianapolis.

Over 330 draft-eligible players plus general managers, head coaches, scouts and medical personnel are here for the big event.

Police prepared for the influx of people by increasing patrols in the downtown area.

“Anytime we have any of those large events, conferences or anything like that, we do step up our patrols particular in our surface lots and garages, especially those attached to hotels,” said Downtown District Commander Phil Burton.

“What we like to do is try to prevent crimes against persons but we also like to prevent thefts from vehicles.”

Police recommend you never leave anything in plain view in your car, take your valuables with you and don’t leave them in your car and double check your car is locked before you leave.

“We will have extra officers out,” mentioned Burton. “They’ll do extra patrols in garages and surface lots all around the district even those areas slightly outside the district.”

Be on the lookout for all the extra traffic downtown, too.

“It will be rather heavily with vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian traffic throughout the time the combine is in town,” said Burton.

Officers will also watch for those people that are driving impaired. The main goal is to make sure everyone who comes downtown can have fun and do it safely. The NFL Combine is in town until February 29.

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