Humane Society of Hamilton County asks for help after severe weather damages shelter

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – The Humane Society of Hamilton County is asking for help after recent severe weather damaged part of the shelter.

The Humane Society says the snowfall broke the fencing for the yard it uses for animals in isolation, “those with coughs, sniffles, and more.”

The shelter is looking for someone or a group of people who can inspect the yard and come up with the best plan to repair it, help fix it, and assist with the funding.

According to the officials, it’s important for both the safety of the staff and the health of the animals they take care of.

“Where our dogs are with upper respiratory or some other type of illness are, there is no fresh air,” said Megan Gonterman, Director of Operations at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. “So that is the only time they get to be outside and in the fresh air, which actually helps them get better also.”

If you know of someone who can help, you’re asked to email

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