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INDIANAPOLIS — Millions of dollars coming into Indiana from the federal government will be set aside to help Hoosiers experiencing hazards in their homes.

The grant money is going to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to help with this new initiative.

”We’re very excited that we were successful to receive it,” said Samantha Spergel, the Director of Real Estate and Strategic Initiatives and Engagement at IHCDA.

Spergel said it will help the IHCDA fill a much needed hole in the ways they are able to help Hoosiers..

”We don’t have a program that is really specific to these hazards that we’re trying to address,” Spergel said.

The hazards the IHCDA is looking to fix for homeowners range from a variety of issues.

“Anyone dealing with high levels of radon, access or structural issues as well as electrical issues,” Spergel said.

This new initiative will also work with the IHCDA Weatherization Assistance Program, which helps to make homes more energy-efficient and lower utility costs for low-income Hoosiers.

”We can provide that holistic approach for making that house as efficient as possible while making it as safe as possible,” said Spergel.

She said they are now working to determine which homes they can help with this program.

”We are hoping to target 104 households throughout the state with this program,” Spergel said.

With this only being the first year of a very new program, Spergel said they’re hoping to expand their services even further across the state in the future.

”Wanting to keep that pipeline of those households growing, so definitely working with our partners across the state to identify households who may qualify for this,” she said.

Spergel said they’re also working on how people will be able to apply for this help and will get the word out through state partners when those applications are available.

If you would like to apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program, you can find an application at this link.