Howard County hit with winter blast again: ‘Last week was kind of a surprise for everybody’

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KOKOMO, Ind. – A second straight weekend of wintry weather struck central Indiana, causing headaches for plow drivers who were trying to make Howard County drivable and allow people to enjoy their days off.

The wind and snow combination turned some county roads into ice rinks. Howard County EMA said several cars slid off the road by mid-afternoon Saturday, despite crews working throughout the day to keep the highways clear.

County officials thought about giving their crews a rest and starting again in the morning as the snow drift forced workers to have to double back.

“Around here about all you have are large drifts around big buildings,” Commercial plow company owner Jake Bergman said of downtown Kokomo as opposed to the county roads. “Out there everything is just kind of a big drift.”

Bergman and his crews with Bergman Concrete Construction and Plowing decided to wait until 10 p.m. to start plowing their commercial client’s properties, as they thought it would help reduce their work load in the heavy winds.

“Oh yeah, it makes it difficult when you have to plow things multiple times to get the result that you want,” Bergman said. “We try to avoid that as much as we can.”

Downtown businesses said customers were weary of last week’s storm, as it was the first big winter blast of the year. The hit left foot traffic at businesses to a crawling pace.

“The first one scares everybody, after that you’re used to it,” said Cook McDoogal’s General Manager Brian Dishon. “They said rain or shine we all have four wheels, so we are coming.”

The Irish pub has sat in downtown Kokomo for the past eight years. Dishon said business had several parties lined up for Saturday night, which helped drive business.

“Last week was kind of a surprise for everybody,” Dishon said. “You know, we are hoping for a good spring.”

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