INDIANAPOLIS — As Maui residents continue searching for friends, family and those missing in the deadly wildfires, relief organizations have a warning scammers could take advantage of people trying to help.

According to the Better Business Bureau, fraudsters often try to make money off people trying to donate to disaster relief.

Mathew Kline with the American Red Cross said you can help the cause with financial donations and that it’s essential to know who you’re giving money to.

“Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by these tragic wildfires, and it’s been great to see the generous spirit of the American people of this time,” said Kline.

The BBB said never to respond to pop-up ads and unsolicited calls or emails.

“Just be careful of what you are clicking on because it can lead you to deceptive websites,” said Jennifer Adamany with the BBB.

The BBB said websites like Charity Navigator and Wise Giving are the best way to find credible organizations.

Donating by card or check and keeping a record of all donations is also recommended.

“So, donating to legitimate places and not falling for potential scams is the best way to make sure money goes to the right cause,” said Adamany.

The BBB also said to avoid crowdfunding requests like GoFundMe. Make sure you give your money to someone you trust.