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When looking for a job–a good work environment is usually at the top of someone’s list. But once personalities, backgrounds, and different opinions merge, over time what was once a good vibe can change.

“When you get to the uncomfortable level then we need to elevate and have that conversation and we can’t ignore it. It’s critical, it’s important. Because those are the types of things that can elevate to something none of us want to see,” said Human Resources Firm Owner, Brent Tilson.

And that’s what we all saw as a man described as a former disgruntled employee attacked two journalists on live television. Tilson says it all of our responsibility to report anything that seems strange.

“So it really comes down to the behaviors and watching are their behaviors more magnified, bigger and larger and responses and social media. It’s all those pieces that add up that can be magnified to the point hopefully never like today,” said Tilson.

If you find yourself struggling to cope in the workplace–don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Many companies have mental health hotlines or the employee assistance program.

“These are trained mental health professionals which work alongside managerial level and line level employees to promote wellness to look for workplace stress and to teach how to deal with that appropriately,” said Community Health Network Counselor, Kimble Richardson.

And pay attention to your co-workers moods and behaviors—don’t ignore signs of change.

“It’s always nice to ask how are you doing, i’m concerned, i’m worried about you and then take those concerns to a supervisor,” said Richardson.